Did You Know Baby Will Use 6,000 Diapers?

Did You Know Baby Will Use 6,000 Diapers?

Within the first year, your newborn will use over a couple thousand diapers. You’ll undergo more diaper changes each day within the first several weeks, 10-12 each day normally, after which things will settle into typically 6 diapers per day during the remaining months of the year.

In Year Two, you may expect that average pace to slow down a bit to 3-4 each day, and possibly even less – around 2-4 each day in Year Three until toilet training begins. However, you will still likely use one overnight diaper everyday for an additional couple of years.

Add everything up, your cute little baby will consume a huge mountain of 6,000 diapers.

If you are budget conscious when purchasing diapers, bear in mind that normally the price is proportionate to quality. The more absorbent the diaper is, the lesser you need to change it. Assuming our best estimate is 6,000 diapers during a toddler’s lifetime use, you will buy more size L and XL diapers compared to more smaller sizes.

Rather than sacrifice quality, order diapers in bulk. It let’s you save around 30% from the standard supermarket retail price.

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